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At the Edge of Knowledge


Light is definitely the single most important measure for scientists to study our universe. Since universe first became transparent 380,000 years after the Big Bang, thanks to its incredible properties, light has enabled humans to learn a great deal about universe as far as 45 billion light-year away from earth. Therefore, it is crazy to think about that even light has its own limitations, and our knowledge may not ever overcome these limitations. On the one hand, most of our universe is made up by mysterious dark matter that is only detectable through gravity. People were optimistic that implementation of LHC can decipher some secrets of dark matter. It has been 10 years since LHC’s installation, and there is no such discovery. We know it is there, but because it does not interact with light, we do not know any more about them. Can we ever get know dark matter? On the other hand, dark evergy is “bubbling” out of the empty space and accelerating space. There are parts of universe that are so far apart from us and moving ever faster away from us that there lights are never going to reach us. Thus, we will never be able to know these parts. Light has its limitations, and it seems that human’ knowledge stops at these limitations.


3 thoughts on “At the Edge of Knowledge

  1. hi! i thought that you mentioned some very interesting points regarding the difficulty of delving deeper into the research of “dark matter.” this made me realize that while we already know so much about the universe that we live in, there is still so much more to learn and that there is the possibility that we may never reach a complete understanding of how this force of dark matter is “bubbling” out of the empty and accelerating space.

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  2. The idea of redshift and objects eventually appearing to move away from us faster than the speed of light is fascinating. We live at a point in time where astronomers have observed as far back as the Cosmic Microwave Background from when the universe was roughly 400,000 years old, but eventually there will be a point where space is being stretched so much that distant information will be locked away forever and won’t be detectable anymore. I hope that sometime in our lifetime astronomers can fit together more pieces of the dark matter puzzle to try to understand the true nature of our complicated world.

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    1. Maybe this is just hopeful thinking but I feel like we are getting closer to figuring out the origins of dark matter. I once took a philosophy class that explored thoughts on what was on the other side of the boundary between the detectable and undetectable Universe – what is the Universe expanding into?? It was very cool pondering this question from a philosophical perspective rather than theory.


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