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Silver As The Perpetrator

“The Lord of Silver Rules Heaven and the God of Copper Cash Reigns Over the Earth” Zhang Tao By the time of Feng Menglong, silver had greatly altered the Chinese society. Interestingly, although China itself did not produce much silver and used bronze coin for most of the history, Chinese economy became increasingly reliant onContinue reading “Silver As The Perpetrator”

An Important Musician In Astronomy

Many will remember William Herschel as the one who found planet Uranus. This founding was shocking and revolutionary. After all, Uranus was the first star found by humans for a long time. Nevertheless, there are many more interesting things one can say about William Herschel. For one, he did not train to be an astronomer.Continue reading “An Important Musician In Astronomy”

The Telescope of the “Future”

Living up to its futuristic shape, James Webb Space Telescope is indeed a telescope of “future”: NASA has delayed its launch so many times that this telescope seems to only exist in the future. Jokes aside, the JWST carries with itself enormous scientific potential: it is supposed to be 100 times stronger than the HubbleContinue reading “The Telescope of the “Future””

The Basics of Our World

The Standard Model consists of 17 elementary particles that fit into a mathematical and theoretical framework that explains matter and forces. Since last century, the model has been able to not only explain, but also to predict existences of undiscovered particles. The particles are categorized into two groups: fermions and bosons. Fermions make up matter.Continue reading “The Basics of Our World”

At the Edge of Knowledge

Light is definitely the single most important measure for scientists to study our universe. Since universe first became transparent 380,000 years after the Big Bang, thanks to its incredible properties, light has enabled humans to learn a great deal about universe as far as 45 billion light-year away from earth. Therefore, it is crazy toContinue reading “At the Edge of Knowledge”


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